"The psychology and emotion behind every masterpiece relies on the connection an artist has with his subject."
Crystal Maclennan

The sincerity of such philosophy requires a platform which embraces individuality. For creativity cannot flow without the freedom to express one’s true self. This platform is HU Hairdressers Unite. Founder and former partner of Savvy Hair and Makeup, Crystal Maclennan is proud to present a new benchmark in the industry for hair inspiration;  HU Hairdressers Unite. 

HU is an environment where hairdressers are united in their love, passion for hair and be free to express the boundless craftsmanship of their own creativity. With the help of her original Port Douglas stylists this Dream is now reality and Hairdressers Unite is proud to announce that we are already in action.

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style psychology

Style is that intrinsic element that we all possess, and it's as different from one person to another as any aspect of who we are. At HU, we embrace the 'psychology of style'. Simply put, this means looking beyond trends and fashion standards, and finding that true, unique and personalised look that fits you.


Inspiration can come from anywhere. Experience, art, culture, and even the environment around us. At HU we challenge you to think beyond the boundaries of what your hair and makeup can be.


Our team has two things in spades; passion and experience. When you love what you do, and when you strive to be the best you can at it, amazing things happen. We offer a level of expertise and creativity that you won't find in your average salon.